Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Night

Dad and the kids decided to play a game of Risk tonight. The conversation from the table is something like this. "Do you want to attack, do you want to fight?"

"Okay, I am gonna attack from here to there. I beat you!"

Not exactly the kind of words I like to hear them saying ;0) They're having a ball nonetheless.

And where's Ami?

She's having a sleepover at Sarah Rose's house! Sarah and her family will be leaving Malawi in April and we're really sad! The girls are trying to spend lots of time together before the McDonalds head back to the USA.


Laura said...

There must be good internet at ABC these days! I love seeing all the photos =).

By the Brook said...

Yes, we have our own line now! It took us about four months to get it:) Another lesson in patience;0)