Sunday, March 25, 2012

C'mon move

The kids found a hedgehog again. He was so bombarded that he rolled into defense mode.
All they wanted was to see him walk. Hedgehogs are really cute when they strut around with their cute noses sniffing at things.
"Maybe if we all roll into balls he'll think we're gone and then he'll come out..."


Sybrand and Beth de Swardt said...

We have a great hedgehog story too. The one that was caught in our garden ended up getting lose in one of the young guys house. He finally found it weeks later in the cat litter bag..

myrussells said...

Sorry I havent commented for ages! I do read them, but have to be logged in on my blog before I can comment. And you know how little I update my own... love you lots and lots xxx

Lishe said...

those kids are so funny, even funnier then the hedgehog haha