Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Church Family Camp

Our church, International Bible Fellowship, had its first ever church camp over the Easter weekend.  A team from Southern California came out and put on a children's program as well as seminars for the adults.  It was such a blessed time of fellowship and encouragement in the Word.  This also, was our first time ever camping together as the Biedebach family.  There was a ton of stuff to bring with and the packing took a while, but it was so worth it.  The kids are into this camping thing and really want to do it again.
The youngest Biedebachs doing what they do best, playing in the dirt.

The zebras walked through the campsite (called Kuti which is about an hour away from Lilongwe) almost every day. 

What is camping without tea and a rusk?
Alli standing close to Brian while enjoying her first ever braaied marshie.
This was our camp spot, right near the ablutions.  The weather was perfect.
Benjamin braaing his marshmallow.
Ami making hot chocolate for her friends, Gwen and Rose.
Allison doing her job diligently, running back and forth with water for her and Ben's mud pools.

This is where the adults met for our meetings.
So close... perhaps we can catch him, train him and then hire him out for rides?
Pastor Matt from Faith Bible Church in Orange County, California.  He taught so well!
Benjamin took his picture:)

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Lishe said...

looks like so much fun to have a church camp like this! i'm a bit jealous here ;-)