Thursday, June 21, 2012

South Africa

Before we fly on to Greece for our mission organization's biennial conference we stopped over in Johannesburg to spend time with my parents.  It's always such a treat to get to go down to SA.  The children love spending time with their grandparents and we're thankful for the opportunity to stock up on goods.
Four precious kids with Opa and Nanny-my mom is doing well with her alternative treatment for her cancer.  She never ceases to amaze me with all she does and the extra energy she has.  Truly our Lord is gracious!  My dad is well and still working hard at IEFA and at church.
Everyone loves uncle Martin!

We had a visit with Tassie too.  Ami loves her very much and was so glad to see her.
We celebrated Allison's birthday at the Spur, the kids' favourite restaurant.
Kids eat for free on Wednesdays! Woohoo.
Opa and Nanny were there to celebrate too:) Uncle Mart had to work.
Nanny made a delicious cake for Allison's birthday.  Blowing out her number 3 candle.
Benjamin with aunty Judy at Grace Christian Church in Johannesburg.

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By the Brook said...

Biennial- once every two years.
bi-annual- twice a year.