Monday, July 2, 2012

Greece - The Ocean

We are here in Greece at our conference.  It has been an amazing time of encouragement.  We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing our fellow missionary friends as well as being blessed to see the places where the Apostle Paul shared the truth of the gospel.

The sun went down so late at night, not at all like we're used to.  We went out a couple of nights to the beach and were skipping stones on the very calm sea. 
Brian was the best at skipping the stones.

Benjamin trying his hand at it.
Who knows where these dramatic children come from...

Traditional Greek wear.  We enjoyed watching the dancing.  It reminded me of back in my school days when my Greek friend taught us how to do Greek dancing for a project in PE class.

The boys were looking up at seagulls.
Our entire group of about 300 people went on a cruise to two different islands. The sea water was an amazing blue, like nothing we'd ever seen before.
This is the first island we docked at.

Enjoying Greek Island hospitality.  They have the most amazing yoghurt in Greece!

Some of our very favourite people.
Bied and Ben were lulled to sleep by the boat.  Bradley, however was green with sickness and Ami too. Brad threw up in a bag and then he felt much better.
Allison with Mrs Hendrickson.  Look at the size of those apples. 

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Lishe said...

you guys are on our continent? so 'close' ;-)?
enjoy the conference!