Saturday, July 14, 2012

Home in Lilongwe

We have enjoyed being back in Malawi after being away for almost a month.  Some of our fellow ABC missionaries have returned from the US and it has been fun to see how their children have grown in a year.  A short-term ABC missionary doctor and his wife took us out to lunch to a quaint coffee shop in Lilongwe.  We had a delightful time.

Big brothers, Brad and Ben keeping an eye on Allison near the water fountain.  She still managed to stop the fountain from flowing though, we have no idea what she did...we left the place soon after :)


Lishe said...

home sweet home, wish we could visit you guys overthere one day!

By the Brook said...

You would we most welcome! Our winters are wonderful and that's when there are less mosquitoes ;0)

Lishe said...

no updates anymore? ;)
lots of love from us in Belgium!

Chris Brauns said...

It looks as though you and I see the need for similar books. I just ordered yours on pastoral searches . . . an area about which I am very concerned.

Chris Brauns
When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search