Monday, July 8, 2013

Small Town

 Brian grew up in Seal beach, a quaint coastal town, at the northern most end of Orange County. The church he grew up is a great supporting church of ours and we are blessed with dear friends there who continue to pray for and support us as we serve in Malawi.  Brian took the kids on a "When I was young tour" and showed us all the homes he grew up in. We saw all the schools he attended and heard many stories too!
 So, while we were walking down one street in Seal Beach, a guy on his bicycle slows down and calls out, "Brian?" This young man was in Brian's junior high group years ago and still lives in Seal Beach and recognized Bied.  It was so fun catching up with him!

The kids with Pastor Steve's wife, Trish.  They have enjoyed several frozen yoghurt dates with her!

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Lishe said...

haha "the when i was young tour", i love how you named it :)