Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tacos in the kitchen

 Our friends, the Trumbles would be so pleased.  The kids chose Taco Bell as our last dinner before we head to Malawi.

The carpets are still a little damp from cleaning and so the kids are sleeping on mattresses in the kitchen:)
Tonight we thanked God for a wonderful furlough.  He has blessed all our meetings, church gatherings, family and friend times. We are so grateful for the connection we have made with so many who partner with us for the furtherance of His kingdom. Please pray for an uneventful and safe trip as we return tomorrow. Brian is not preaching this coming Sunday at IBF (thankful for Jim Ayres, who is preaching), but we look forward to being with our church family in Lilongwe! See you all soon.

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Lishe said...

so happy for you guys for this good time in the USA!