Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Little Jealous

Look what my sister's brother-in-law brought her back from his trip to Holland. Yum!
And also the most amazing hazelnut cake from my Opa Kelder's bakery in The Hague!
When my opa sold his bakery before moving to South Africa just after the second World War, one of the conditions was that the new owners never change the name of the bakery and that the famous hazelnut cake recipe never be changed either. If you ever go to Holland you have to visit Maison Kelder! 
My maiden name is Kelder.

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Lishe said...

whenever i'm around Den Haag i will definitely go and get me some of that great pie! So nice that his name is still used for the bakery! My grandpa's bakery in Holland does not exist anymore, but when my dad retires next year (from his pastorship) he will definitely start to bake more again as he was taught as a boy :).