Monday, August 26, 2013

Thank You For Praying!

Benjamin has been out of the hospital now for four days and has been doing well.
We just wanted to send out another update on Benjamin to let you know that he continues to do well.  He was released from the ICU last Thursday evening and he still in South Africa with Anita and her parents.  Brian is still up in Malawi with our other three kids and our entire family is well.  No brain surgery was necessary for Benjamin and for that we are truly grateful.

Benjamin has not thrown up since he was in the hospital and all outward signs point towards a full recover from his fall which happened last week,
 Monday.  He is enjoying time at his grandparent's house in Johannesburg and they are glad to be there for him.

On Sunday, Brian preached a sermon at our church in Malawi in which he shared the story about Benjamin to our church family and shared a special pastoral message about what the Lord has been teaching us through this trial.  If you would like to listen to that sermon, you can go to the following website and download it.  The message was preached on the 25th of August and is on Ephesians
 3:20.  Here is the website:

We are truly grateful for all that the Lord has brought us through these past eight days with an abundance of blessings.  We are also grateful for all the prayers to our Father and words of encouragement we received this past week from so many of you.

To Him who is able - be the glory!

With Love,

Brian and Anita

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