Saturday, November 1, 2008

Watering Cans...

Are for watering grass and trees and plants...

And for making mud right outside our front door!

Brian found these at a store in town and got each of the kiddos one. It's a good thing there was not just one colour, otherwise we might have had a family feud. You can see how the grass is coming along, sort of.

Bradley was singing a Willy Wonka song about chocolate.

Ami, watering the only flowering shrub in our yard. The tree next to it, is the infamous avocado tree, that we transplanted from the yard where we used to live. It has survived and will continue to do so, with the aid of 'these avid gardeners'.

This is a picture for you to see how dry it is at the moment. This is just over our wall. We're living on the greener side of the fence.

These are our paw paw(papaya) trees that we planted as the foundation of our house was being laid. These pictures are for you, Dad.

These are the banana trees. We look forward to the fruit!


Laura said...

How fun to have so much fruit in your own yard! The mud... not so much =), though I'm sure our kids would disagree.

Melissa said...

That's the cutest thing that Bradley was singing a Willy Wonka song when playing in the mud. And what a great activity for the kids! :)

Michael(33) en Lishe(30) Jona(3) en Ezra(0) said...

look at those 3 little gardeners!
How are you feeling anita?