Thursday, October 30, 2008

Test Results

The blood test result to check my immunity against rubella came back today. It was negative. The doctor said that seemed strange because my last MMR vaccination was in June 2006. He also said that we need to remember that we are in REAL Africa and they could have made a mistake. Also, the test for one of the children who was diagnosed with rubella came back and no virus was found in her blood. So perhaps a mistake again? Who knows? GOD does and I have to trust Him and be wise at the same time. We have been a little reclusive the last couple of days and shall continue to do so, to be on the safe side. We do still really value your prayers on behalf of this precious Biedebach baby.

On a lighter note: I try and carry my camera wherever I go and just had to take a picture of the lab sign. Only in Africa :) Africa, we love you!


Laura said...

Yeah I'm not sure I would trust a lab with a sign like that either =). We'll continue to pray!

Natalie said...

Hmmmmm, interesting. Kinda scary and I think it is a good idea to stay indoors for a bit. I will keep praying for little one in the womb. Not easy living in these countries sometimes, especially when it comes to medical issues. Thankfully the Lord knows all and is sovereign in every detail of our lives.

kissaknee said...

so it sounds like possibly good news but we will keep praying for the baby!

Michael(33) en Lishe(30) Jona(3) en Ezra(0) said...

you're still in our prayers!
great picture!