Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"En dan is daar vier"

On Monday, a friend and I went out to celebrate our recent birthdays. Brian watched the kids. We were gone for three hours. It was wonderful for us. The kids had fun playing with dad. Ami apparently learned how to swing a baseball bat and did really well.

While we were out, I also managed to organize a little birthday gift for Brian. I decided to give it to him early, because I couldn't wait to give it to him on November 7th.

He opened the gift bag and took out the candy bar and wasn't overly excited. I told him to look at the candy bar very closely. Taped to it was a skinny Malawian pregnancy test, that had two definite lines across it.

His face was priceless, shock and exuberance all in one! What fun to be able to share this awesome news with the kids too. Ami is over the moon. Bradley doesn't think it can be true, because Mommy doesn't have a big tummy (well there is a medium tummy, but that's because of having kiddos like him :) Benjamin just says, "Baby, baby!" and has no clue.

Praise the Lord for the blessing of another child. We shall see a doctor in South Africa over the holidays. We have planned to go down to SA for Christmas and to attend our friends' wedding(Beth and Sybrand).

Go ahead...translate the title.


Eden said...
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Eden said...

Wow congratulations Biedebachs, it is fantastic to have four, maar miskien is dit "En dan is daar vyf", haha I am always wondering who is going to surprise us with twins. Enjoy every moment as this wonderful new life grows.

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Psalm 127:3

The Macneils

Peter and Norma Farmer said...

Wow that is good news, congratulations to you all, may the Lord give you a quiver full.

Love and God Bless from us both.

Laura said...

Congratulations!!! I've always wanted four but Danny's not so sure. Perhaps your wonderful news will be enought to push him over the edge... one can hope =). I can't wait to meet him/her!

kissaknee said...

congratulations! that's exciting news! we'll be praying for an easy, smooth pregnancy and lots of energy to care for the 3 older kiddos!

Natalie said...

Oh Biedebachs! A big congratulations! This is very exciting news. I hope you are feeling o.k. Anita.

Michael(33) en Lishe(30) Jona(3) en Ezra(0) said...

hey a dutch title 'dan is daar vier', i immediately got the message, waauw great news, another little Biedebach on the way, we hope and pray too that you will have a smooth pregnancy and all will go well! Please show us the tummy soon :)
lots of love
Lishe & the rest

Conrad and Jen said...

Congratulations!! Wow, how exciting! We will be praying for you and for a good pregnancy. When is baby #4 due?

Sara Mallon said...

yeah!!! there can never be enough biedebachs in this world :) :) I hope you're feeling well and that this pregnancy is an easy one with three little ones (and Brian) keeping you busy already!! :)


Carl, Melitsa & Aiden said...

Wow!! #4... how exciting :)Children are such a rich blessing from the Lord!
I pray that you will have a smooth pregnancy!

Tania said...

The Biedebach b-day table is a happening place! Lots of sweet babies to hold!
Prayers for strength for the coming months! :-)

tmc said...

Yay!!!! Oh, I'm so excited! I can't wait to be there and do whatever I can to help! Praying for you all!


Colleen von Aulock said...

Congratulations...I am so surprised! Wow! I hope it is a little girl so that Ami doesn't feel outnumbered. I won't be able to see you over Christmas (in Plett, as usual)so I hope you can visit again next year.

All my love and best wishes

azuremle said...

Just got down to this post on my google exciting!! Congrats! We're expecting #3 in March. May you remember in the months to come that often resting is the best way you can "serve" your fam!