Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Party!

The birthday cakes. We have had cake for a whole week now!

Praying before opening their gifts, thanking God for the greatest gift, Jesus Christ.

Ami and Bradley were spoiled. Most of the kids who came to their party are neighbours of ours on the African Bible College campus.

We had a jumping castle with a huge slide. The kids loved it! It's a good thing we have a doctor on the campus.

Swords are great gifts.

Benjamin joined in the fun too.


kissaknee said...

the party looked like great fun! i'll have to copy down the cake recipe and try it out sometime. i've always been an-out-of-the-box kind of baker when it comes to cakes outside of the loaf kind (poundcake, banana bread, pumpkin bread, etc)

Brad said...

Hi Brian!
This is Tania Miller Buck. Of course, Anita doesn't know me as I was at TMI, in FL, in 1990. I am so new to this blogging stuff as we just got a satellite set-up for the computer, on the farm in WA state, in Jan '08. (hey! that rhymes!)
Your family looks darling, and I love the cakes. I've done some wacky cakes in my time too! Let's see...there was the train built from graham crakers, the spherical basketball, the fiesta b-day...
Now Damon is 15 yrs. and Brynn is 12. This year they've grown up too much!
Sorry for the malaria. Hope that you're gaining strengh. Our Cameroon '90 team had some trouble with malaria, as well. :-(
Write back if you can spare any time!

Natalie said...

Wow,what a fun party! It looks like you had your hands full and the cakes look so yummy!!