Saturday, October 18, 2008

At the Playground

The wooden thatched treehouse at the playground.

Benjamin climbing the wooden treehouse. Take note of the green fruit pod things on the ground near him. More to follow...

This is the playground at the African Bible College Christian Academy. They have some great playground equipment, probably the best in Malawi. Ami is on the new bike track which was poured before the school year started in September.

Dad pushing all three kids!

This is Ami in action trying to get her dad back with those green fruit pods things. At first, when these 'things' were hitting Ami and Bradley, they didn't know where they were coming from. "Must be raining green fruit pod things". Once they found out who the culprit was, the war was on.

Biedebach Boys

Benjamin likes to walk along this raised bench, but of course, Dad is nearby just in case.


kissaknee said...

that looks like such a fun playground! love the thatched treehouse!

Laura said...

That photo of the two boys is just precious! Although thrilled with your news of a 4th, we're a little sad to have to wait longer to get to know Benjamin. He'll be all grown up by October!

Natalie said...

The playground is just wonderful. What a treat for the kids. Especially the bike path!!!!