Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"THE" Austin T. Duncan Test

If you have chosen not to find out the gender of your baby (like us), but happen to meet up with Austin T. Duncan, well then he'd probably encourage you to do his test. No, we didn't meet up with Austin T. D, but we did meet up with a previous colleague of his who gave us the necessary test info.
Get a spoon and a fork. Wrap both up individually in dish towels. The expectant mother must not see which wrapped utensil is placed on which chair. She enters the room and takes a seat of her preference. If she sits on the wrapped fork then she is having a boy and if she sits on the wrapped spoon then she is having a girl. Apparently Austin T.D has never been wrong. We did the test to prove otherwise...
Guess which I sat on?

We LOVE surprises and we'll thank the Lord for our bundle of baby no matter what the gender!


Karen Bayne said...

A girl it is says Austin T. Duncan!! whatever God sends is the very best!! Checking in every day to see when this precious baby gets here. I had a wonderful time visiting David in Argentina, DOnja was there for a week. Love to all of you!

Conrad and Jen said...

Hmmmm, I might have to try that test! I check your blog very regularly now to see if the newest member has arrived. Can't wait to hear and see pictures! You look good Anita, glad to hear that things are going smoothly. We will be praying for you and for the delivery.
Love, Jen

Linda Russell said...

Love this! I need to try it out on some preggy Mom here.
All the photos are so lovely to see. We are praying for and thinking of you guys!

Natalie said...

Can't wait to find out but I think you're having a boy! Praying for you my friend!

Austin Duncan said...

First of all, not finding out is the all the rage for the Duncans and the Bieds. The method maintains the element of surprise while adding an element of folklore. But i must confess that this method was not my invention, it belongs to the people of Mexico. Its results have been almost Biblical in accuracy though. We have had two spoons and two girls. I am excited to meet the new sister!

Trish Williams said...

This is a new blog member, Trish!
Love the novel way to determine the baby's gender! Well, it will either be a boy or a girl.
Can hardly wait to see the pics!
Love Trish