Monday, June 8, 2009

June 6th

Brian's long-time friend and the best man at our wedding was hoping that he and the newest Biedebach would share birthdays. Still nothing, Dave. We saw the midwife again today and she said if the baby hasn't come by next week Monday then we may try some natural inducers.
Baby B is still doing fine and so we continue to wait patiently.
All my pregnancies have been so different. Ami was three weeks early. Bradley was a day early and Benjamin was three days late. We are excited!


Karen Bayne said...

So no baby on Davids birthday huh?? Anxiously checking to see when this precious one will come. So glad to hear Amy is OK!!

Anonymous said...

hey friends! thanks for trying! baby bied will still come in the good 'ol month of june. looking forward his or her arrival. had a good big 4-0! brian, won't be long before you join the club. love to you all! david

Julie Gebhards said...

Is castor oil a natural inducer? It has worked four times for me, without fail! Looking forward to hearing the news!