Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Baby Girl

Here are the pics and details we promised.

Allison weighed 3.55 kgs which is 7 lbs 13 ozs

She is 53cm tall which is 20 and 3/4 inches

A very happy Daddy!

A very happy Opa!

She looks quite a bit like Ami did.

On Saturday and Sunday I felt really groggy. It's winter here in South Africa and I picked up the cold bug from somewhere. I didn't go to church on Sunday and said to my mom that if I have to have the baby while I'm sick I don't know that I'll have the energy to deliver. I had an uncomfortable night with a runny nose, watery eyes and a yucky cough. On Monday morning I woke up at 5:48am and thought I felt some contractions. They were not intense, but definitely something to make me think, this could be it. I woke Brian up at 6am and contacted my midwife. She said I was so casual about the pains in my text to her. She told me to take a warm bath for about 45 minutes. I did that while Brian packed the car. I was only in the bath for about 8 minutes when I decided to get out and call her. I told her that the pains were getting closer, about 5 minutes apart and that we were on our way to the hospital. We arrived at 6:45am. She had worked night shift and was handing over her patients. She showed us our room and I walked around trying to endure the pains. Then I told B that they were coming quicker. Like every two and a half minutes. He called Sue from her office. She checked and I was 9 cm dilated. WOW! She broke my waters. I got into the tub and one push later Allison was born at 7:20am. It was amazing! I am SO thankful to God Who gave me the strength and energy to deliver Allison. To think that I was in the same hospital at 27 weeks with contractions and unbelievable pain. And then severe cramps again at 32 weeks. God in His grace has given us this precious gift and our hearts' greatest desire is that she will come to know Christ and serve Him all her days.

Thank you to all of you who have faithfully prayed for us over this time. All praise, glory and honour to God Who gives life and life eternally.
P.S. The Austin T. Duncan Test appears to work in the Southern Hemisphere as well as the Northern! Would have been fun to have tried it with all the others too :)
P.P.S. 9 years ago on June 16th, 2000 my gorgeous husband dropped my engagement ring out of a hot air balloon, while getting ready to propose to me. He then pulled out the real ring and got down on his knee. I said, "Yes" and here we are with a blessed brood of Biedebachs!


Caroline Gill said...

She's so cute!! I've been checking every hour, waiting eagerly for the pics! You all look so happy. Glad you made it to hospital in time!
Well done Anita & Brian!!
PS. I remember that cap - we got the blue version for Aidan - seems like a lifetime ago,but only 4 short years! Soon you'll be looking back too!!
Enjoy your treasure!!
lots of love

Darcy said...

Congratulations Anita and Brian! How wonderful! I can't wait to tell the family tomorrow morning! Love to you!

Austin Duncan said...

atd test vindicated once again. congrats you guys, she is beautiful.

Buckland said...

Congratulations!!! Thanks for all the lovely info too. So glad you are doing well.

Lishe said...

lovely pictures!!! Happy to read everything went well!
We"ll sent a present from Belgium:)
enjoy your new family

Linda Russell said...

Too beautiful! Love you all very much.

Anonymous said...


Anita and Brian,
wonderful to have a sister for Ami and the boys.

She looks very cute, so pink.

Lots of love from Peter and Norma.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita and Brian, Ami and boys and of course baby Allison Mae.

Congratulations, she is lovely can't wait to meet your precious baby girl.

Missing you in Lilongwe.


Shantiwilliams said...

Can you believe it? We had our babies on the same day and I think almost at the same time....it was 10:31 am here in India....I wonder...are you guys behind us or ahead? I love the name....Allison! And she is beautiful! Sarah was 3.52 KG and 52 cm long! Almost the same as Allison!

Shantiwilliams said...

Okay you had your baby 19 minutes after us! Crazy!

The Mom said...

Yay!!!! You all look like you're doing well! She's beautiful!

Laura said...

Congratulations friends!!! I've been without internet all week and it's been killing me to know there must be pictures of a sweet little B-baby by now, and I had yet to see her. Allison is beautiful, and truly blessed to be part of such a special family. We love all SIX of you!

Mrs. Recinos said...

Congratulations!!! God has truly blessed the Biedebach family. She is so adorable. We can't wait to meet her. :)

Sheryl Recinos & Family