Saturday, August 8, 2009

Falling out

While my hair continues to fall out, (a normal occurence after having had a baby, although if it continues this way I may be seeing a bald patch soon) Ami's teeth are falling out too. She hasn't turned six yet and has lost two already. When questioned by a gentleman in our church about how much money she was going to receive from the tooth mouse, she politely responded, "You do know the tooth mouse is actually my dad, don't you?"


Laura said...

Crack me up! Alyssa lost her first teeth just before her 6th birthday too, and I was so unprepared for how much it would change her look. Please tell Ami that if the tooth "mouse" doesn't leave her anything, the tooth "fairy" here in America will take care of her =).

Michelle in Mx said...

My little Sarah just got her first two loose teeth . . .
How could this happen so SOON!