Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I can do it

For some reason, Bradley has been afraid to ride his bike (with training wheels) ever since he got it, which was last October for his birthday. Now he can do it! He just did it on his own. Both Brian and I weren't around to see the enormous feat- perhaps that's what the poor boy needed- time without over-bearing parents hanging around? All that to say, we're delighted he can do it and now we'll wait patiently for the training wheels to come off.

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Buckland said...

That's great. When he wants the training wheels off, I have a great suggestion. Take the training wheels and the pedals off. Yes, the pedals. They use the bike as a push bike and get the hang of balancing. Then once they are comfy you put the pedals back and off they go. Rachel only took 1 day with the pedals off and the friends that told us about this trick had the same with their two children. Within 2 days they are able to balance and then off they go.