Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bradley's B-Day

Today my big boy turned 4. He clicked that it was his real birthday because of the cupcake and presents in bed :) Bradley is all boy. He loves playing outside. His fingernails are almost always black from dirt and he seldom wears shoes. He has a sweet nature and often says really kind things which haven't been prompted. He really, really wants a dog. He loves playing with Ami and tries his best to get on with Boo. We love you SO much Brad and thank God for giving you to us.
When he woke up and saw the balloons he knew he had to stay in bed and wait for us to come in singing.

Boo trying to snag a jelly tot from the top of the cupcake!

1 comment:

Lishe said...

he looks like such a sweet boy!!!
funny you call Benjamin Boo, we caal Ezra the same, sometimes Booboo :) (short for Boetie actually)