Sunday, October 11, 2009

One Sleep...

We leave for LA tomorrow! We have been counting the sleeps and we can hardly believe it's almost time to fly. Bied, Ami, Bradley and I are especially excited. Boo just knows he is flying to a place called America and that he must not scream on the aeroplane. Alli obviously has no idea. I'm just hoping she will continue with her nine hours of night time sleep. We fly out from Lilongwe at 1pm. We'll land in South Africa at 3:3opm and then hope to spend time with Opa, uncle Mart, Judy and Tassie (Nanny is in London with my sister) at the airport, before we leave at 8pm on our 17 hour flight to New York. We have 2 hours before we get on another plane to fly a further 5 hours to LA. So... I'm just a little concerned about the flights with four kiddos. They are really long! Please pray for our safety and that people won't glare at us when we board. You can read their minds..."Oh don't let that family sit near us!" Please pray that the trip will be smooth, uneventful and that fellow passengers will be pleasantly surprised.