Sunday, October 4, 2009


No dirty feet on the bed! That's a rule in our house. This is how I found Ami one afternoon during room time. So funny. I then made my rounds and took pics of all my sweet sleeping babies.

Who knows how she managed not to fall off either?


Ally Girl with a pose and all.
Oh and how I longed to be doing just what they were doing :)


Lishe said...

ha poor anita, you could instead of taking pictures have gone to bed for a while hey ;)
so sweet ami looks like she's so big already

Linda Russell said...

That is Nannie's girl! Well done precious Ami, no dirty feet on the bed is a good thing!

Linda Russell said...

The kids all look so peaceful!

Caroline Gill said...

what bliss... all asleep... such peace is rare, and such a pleasure to behold all the sleeping beauties and the handsome princes.