Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fun in Texas

We had a really fun time with Bied's family in Texas. Where in Texas? McKinney and Allen. We also drove out to Frisco on Sunday evening to Tom Pennington's church. That was neat. Sharon and John fed the kids and put them to bed so that we could go. On the morning we left to come home it was snowing. Such a fun thing for the kids to see.

On a carousel in the mall.

Braysen and Allison in their jammies.

Big girl Breanna holding little Alli.

Cousins eating ice cream at the mall.
Biedebachs at the park.

This sweet baby is still not sitting, but is pushing herself up on her forearms. She loves being on her belly and looks like an aeroplane when she lifts her arms and legs into the air.
Tomorrow is my dad's birthday! It's already Dec 4th in South Africa. Happy birthday Opa. We love you.


Melissa said...

That Alli sure has a lot of character. So darling! Can't wait until I get to have fun in America!!!

Carl, Melitsa & Aiden said...

Aww man, we go to Tom Pennington's church (we live in Texas now), but were out of town for the weekend. It would have been SO fun to see you guys again!
Glad to see you are all having a great time :)

Angela said...

I can't believe we missed you!!! Jeff is gonna be so disappointed. Glad you had a nice time and even got to see snow - crazy! :)