Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Christmas morning hairdo.

Alli Mae's first Christmas!

Cute 'kaalvoet kinders'.

We had a wonderful Christmas together as a family celebrating the birth of our Saviour who lives today. What a joy it was to talk to our children about the hope believers have of eternal life. Christ who knew no sin and Who never had to die, did so in obedience to God the Father so that sinners like us might know peace. He is the best gift ever. We do try and have the kids focus on that and not so much on their gifts. It's not so easy. One little incident did bring delight to my heart. On Christmas eve there were ten gifts under our donated tree. Ami counted them very carefully. Five were for her. Two were for Bradley. One for Benja. One for Alli and one for Daddy. None for mom? She obviously was quite excited that she had five, but when she realised that there weren't any for her mother she decided she had to do something about that.
It wasn't long before she placed a flat square box wrapped in her own unique way under the tree. Now there was a gift for her mom too. When I opened it this morning, I was teary!
Earlier in the week she had gone with her cousin to Chucke Cheese's and earned a flower-shaped purple 'stone' plastic ring. It was precious to her. She showed it off, quite pleased at her achievement, and now she had given it to me for Christmas!

Ready to help dad-they have all the tools.

Ami with her new dress.

Our first real tree.

My amazing husband prepared a delicious ham, roast potatoes, green beans, corn, and croissants.


Linda said...

Everything looks great - The food sounds yummy too, well done Brian!

Lishe said...

looks like a wonderful christmas!