Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today, after church, we had a gathering at the mission house for Kondi. It was great. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many folks who know him and Kwacha.
Eric and Lorraine Floreen with Kwacha.

Kondwani in the background with Jay and Allen. Monica, Trish, Steve and Kwacha.

Lisa, Suzanne Anita, Sarah, Stephanie holding Allison.

Brian with the Taylors.

Sweet Sophie sweeping the kitchen floor.

Stalwart Stephanie is such a beautiful servant and a very good painter- she was the only lady on the construction team in 2008.


Lishe said...

i'm sure you've got plenty people there you're gonna miss back in Malawi!
You look so good Anita!

Norma Farmer said...

How great to hear that you are feeling better Anita.

Also wonderful to see Trish and Steve with Kondwani. Please give them all my best wishes.

Safe trip for you all.

Love from Peter and me.

Lorraine said...

It was a fun afternoon, and I'm so thankful we got to see you one more time... give our 'kids' a hug for us when you get home.