Friday, March 5, 2010

Getting going?

The Shepherds' Conference has gone very well. Brian, Kondi and Hanro have enjoyed it very much.

Nan, the kids and I have been sorting out our things- what to take, what to leave behind and what to give away. Brian likes to pack one or two days before we travel and I like to get things sorted and packed at least two weeks before (less stressful in my opinion). So this year, he received some good advice and he'll send us all away for a day while he and friends pack up the already sorted stuff and then weigh out all our luggage! Bied knows how it's done-he's been doing it since he was 14 and Teen Missions trains you well :)

Also, my test results came back absolutely normal. Thanks for praying! Please continue to pray for good health and smooth travel. May God be glorified daily in our lives.


andurette4 said...

Praise the Lord. I am so glad for you. I am also so excited that you are coming back. Enjoy the packing and we will continue to pray that you arrive safely and that all goes well.


Lynn said...

Yes, Praise the Lord! Africa is not the same without the Biedebach's!