Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Week

What a joy to attend both morning and evening services here at Grace Church together as a family. It's been a while since we've been able to do that. I felt well and strong enough to sit and listen. What a blessing to hear God's Word so thoroughly and carefully expounded. The sermon from Hebrews 12 this evening was especially encouraging.
It'll be a busy week at the church because 3,200 pastors from all over the world will descend upon the campus to hear godly men exhort and encourage them in the preaching of the Word. The Shepherds' Conference is a real recharge for Brian and I know he'll be even more excited to get back to Malawi and into the pulpit. Also, two of the church leaders from our church, International Bible Fellowship Church in Lilongwe, are in the air right now on their way here.

My mom took a break in Santa Barbara this weekend, to spend some time with a friend and her family, who she has known since high school. She needed some rest time away from the boisterous Biedebachies :)

Tomorrow will be a whole week that I haven't had any pressure headaches! I still get dizzy at bedtime, but at least the headaches seem to be going away. Thank you Lord! Also, I haven't had the body drain for a week and a half now and so we're still absolutely planning to head out on March 16th. Brian goes for physical therapy again tomorrow and his knees are getting stronger.

We still would really appreciate your prayers especially for these next two weeks and for our 30 hour trip back to Africa. I miss seeing and hearing birds (here on Roscoe Blvd, we just hear cars). I miss seeing blue-headed lizards and open fields full of maize! I miss the amazing African sunsets.

This one was right outside our front door.


andurette4 said...

I am so glad to hear you are getting better. Please let me know if and when my lovely husband arrives. I am a bit 'deur mekaar' with all the time zones. Hope you all enjoy the next 2 weeks.

Lots of love from me and the girls

By the Brook said...

Andurette, Brian will pick them up on Mon at 24h00, your time. You'll obviously be asleep and so perhaps your hubby can just sms you. I'm sure he'll call you on Tues morning.

Caroline Gill said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend, Nita!! You guys have such cool pets!!!! I can understand your feelings - can't beat an African sunset!!! Have a wonderful time these last few days in the US, and may you continue to grow stronger in and through Him!!! lots of love!!!

Lishe said...

so good to read this good news!
we'll continue to pray anita!
Only 1 year in africa made me forever long for the african skies, sunsets, wide nature,...
maybe we must come and stay in Malawi too ;)

Bied said...

Lishe, you are most welcome to visit us in Malawi. We would love to have you come!

Linda Russell said...

My heart is so happy that you are having less headaches! Will keep praying for you guys as you head home. Ethan would love to see one of those lizards! Love you tons xxx

Lishe said...

Thx Anita, who knows, maybe one day :) at least we can start dreaming about it hihi