Friday, February 5, 2010

"What a faithful God have I"

We used to sing this song at Grace Church in Primrose. I can still hear Beth Woollacott singing it. He is faithful in every way!

Brian is resting and also trying to take short walks on his crutches to help his circulation. He is not experiencing too much pain and has enjoyed having his meals in bed!
My mom is doing better too. Her blood pressure has come down. She is still dizzy, but she thinks it may be because of her cold.
I am doing much better. Praise the Lord for answered prayer. I have prayed that He would give me strength to look after Bied and He graciously has.
The doctor had said that he suspects no post-surgery infection. He also reminded me that I can't expect everything to just go away overnight. Being sick for so long will take time to heal. My body just has to take it easy. We should get the blood results soon.
Anyway, all that to say THANK YOU so much for praying. Our God is so faithful and we trust His plans because we know they're better than ours!


Natalie said...

Glad to hear it!!! We continue to pray.

andurette said...

Hi Anita and Brian,

I have not been able to check on the blog for a while so I was very surprised to see all that has happened. I have now decided that USA is no good for you and you guys must please come home!!!!!!!

Bied said...

I know Andurette, we have been wanting to get back since January! Anyway, we do trust the Lord and His plans for our lives. Lord willing, we'll see you soon. We are so glad that Hanro can come to the conference. Drukkies vir al die vd Merwes. Anita

Anna said...

Thanks for the updates. Praying for you guys! God is indeed faithful! Hope to speak soon.
Lonngren & Anna