Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is your camera broken?

It's not, here are some pics for you.

Bied finally got to take Ami on her daddy date. They went to Disneyland to go on the fast rides.

Biedebach boys take on Kwacha.

Shirts versus no shirts.

Nanny is so much fun and eating cookies is too.

Precious kiddos.
Building robots- I think.

Alli Mae - 8 months on the 15th

Handy Nanny.

Ami in her Kindergarten class -30 kids!


Jeannine said...

Warm greetings to the Biedebach’s!
This is the first time I’m ‘blogging’ – hope I’m doing it right:-)
Upon receiving your February Bulletin I was most distressed to read about the trials you have experienced of late, these must have been trying times. We may not know all the reasons for the pain and suffering that come into our lives, or what God's design is for us in these trials. Yet without discovering any reasons at all, we may still trust God, whose wisdom is infinite. We cannot doubt that the Lord’s way for us is better than ours, it may be painful and hard at times, but in the pain and the hardness, there is blessing. Thankfully our lives are not in our own poor feeble hands, but in the hands of our infinitely wise and loving Father! May His grace abound toward you at this time.
Thank you for continuing to include us in your bulletin distribution, we look forward to receiving your news. Love seeing the photos on your blogg page too:-)
We are praying for you and the work you are doing in Malawi, may you not grow weary in your calling and may the Lord strengthen you with each new day.
Much love
Yours in Christ
Jeannine & Crystel

Lishe said...

lovely pics! enjoyed them so much
can't believe to see the boys run without shirts, overhere the 3rd month of snow!