Thursday, February 4, 2010

The B's Knees - right knee

Brian hasn't been kind to his knees over the years. He played football in high school and college and had knee surgery once back then. And now he is a 40 year-old man who likes to play basketball with 20 year-olds. Over the years there have been times where his knees have been sore and so he has had to ice them and lay off the exercise a bit - but it hasn't been sore enough or serious enough for him to consider surgery. This is why Brian was somewhat glad that he tore his cartilage 10 days ago playing basketball. Perhaps now, the doctors can really clean up his knees.

The first video is a survey of his right knee and the second one is where the doctor took "basket scissors" and started snipping away at the damaged pieces of Brian's cartilage. He later took a "shaver" (which looks like a high-tech nose-hair-trimmer) and shaved down the rough edges around Brian's knee.

Brian is home now and the surgery seems to have gone really well. Thanks for praying. Please pray for him in the coming weeks as he begins rehab.


Lishe said...

thankful everything went wel so far, we'll continue to pray for rehab and for you anita!

By the Brook said...

Thank you Lishe! Brian is doing well. My mom and I are also doing better. Praise the Lord. Brian posted those videos and yes the doctor recorded the whole surgery. It's amazing what they can do isn't it.

Lishe said...

it is amazing! and hopefully the video will one day be a memory you can look back at and laugh with :)
You guys are so strong in the Lord's strength, it's a great testemony for all of us! Thx

GKJ said...

I hear candy can be bad for the knees.