Saturday, March 13, 2010

Packing day!

Denise, Amanda, Lisa and Steve
Today, friends from the UCLA Bible Study helped us to pack most of our stuff into bags and action packers. We can fly with ten luggage pieces, each weighing 50 pounds.
Ami and Amanda
Stanley lifting a bag to be weighed.

Steve typing up an inventory list for each bag.

Another bag weighing 50!


fred said...

We will miss you tremendously - all of you, but I am heartbroken to say goodbye to my Bradley boy. He just grew straight into my heart and into our family.Our prayers go with you all for a safe journey and total recovery of all the remaining ailments.Much love from the Botes Family x x x

Lishe said...

the pictures are so funny to me, it almost looks like a factory :)
hope everything gets packed well and you all can leave for Malawi without to much stress! The goodbyes won't be easy i guess, we'll pray for you!

Linda Russell said...

Lishe hit the nail on the head - just like a factory :) Good that you had so many 'employees'