Friday, July 9, 2010

Just dusty

When we look over our wall we either see maize grown in its fullness or land that has been harvested, all depending on the season. We love the open space and even though we live in a city, we kind of feel like we're in "farmish" Africa.

Guess what's going up right next door to our house in the mielie fields? A shopping mall with 80 stores and three movie theatres.

They have started levelling the ground and they expect the complete project will be done in 18 months.

We're not overly excited about the mall. We like feeling that we're in "farmish" Africa. We've had clouds of dirt dust blowing our way during the day when the graders are at work. This development is HUGE for Malawi. Apparently the parking bays will be enough for 1500 cars. Thirty years ago there were probably only three hundred cars in the whole country.

When I told the kids about what was happening over our wall, Brad asked, "What's a mall?"
I had to explain that it's the place with the moving up and down stairs where we usually get good ice cream from when we're down in South Africa. He still doesn't think he's seen one- a mall, that is.


Lorraine said...

Sounds like a first-world invasion to me...

Natalie said...

Girl.......a mall next door!!!! I would absolutely love it!!!

: )

Lishe said...

I would love a mall like that about 2 km away... lovely for a day of shopping, movies, etc... but next door.... mmm
i like the idea Brad doesn't even know a mall :)

Linda Russell said...

Bradley lol! I like the 'farmish' idea

Caroline Gill said...

That is not good. We like your view too. Besides, you have to have a reason to come to s.a (even if it is only for good ice cream!!) Let's protest.... No malls near the Biedebach house!!
Long live the "farmish" Biedebachs!!!