Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is what is left of the rubble pile next to our house from our home building project. This pile has been a never ending source of bits 'n pieces for the kids' construction endeavors. As of this week though the rubble pile is out of bounds...100%.

What's this? A shed snake skin. Found where? On the rubble heap.

And this? A spitting cobra. Found where? Near Richard's legs, with neck puffed out on the rubble heap, as he was clearing it. He killed it with a brick and a stick.

And these? Two more spitting cobras. On the rubble heap. He killed these as well.
Thank you Lord for Richard!


Lishe said...

okay so that big gogga some posts ago was nothing compared to this, that gogga would make me scream a bit, this cobra's would make me run :p Good you have Richard indeed!
The idea the kids play so close around those snakes hey?

Linda Russell said...

Crikey that makes me scared!!

Carole said...

We have had just 3 in our garden in 19 years, but all spitting cobras - hugely venemous. Last year, Courtney ran from the house onto the patio, and almost put her foot on the snake by the patio step. Snake reared up ready for attack. Ray was lying within inches from it on the grass in the sunshine. I was petrified, Courtney was screaming her head off, and Ray wanted to play the hero and catch it, but I telephoned an expert who said we were in no way to go anywhere near it, as it would immediately defend itself. We let it wonder off under the wall. I am so thankful Courtney was not killed and that God allowed her to alert us to the snake being there, as Ray never saw it and he too, could have been harmed.

Caroline Gill said...

Please can't you just come back to civilisation? These horror stories are enough to terrify us... we will certainly uphold you and the little ones in our prayers. Our first week in Cape town, we had a mole snake in our house, which made me want to go right back to JHB - poisonous or not, snakes are just downright EVIL!!!