Wednesday, July 21, 2010


...from South Africa via Botswana and Zambia! We had a great couple of days this week when friends stopped by on their adventurous journey through sub Saharan Africa.
Such fun to see a GP number plate.

Ami, auntie Christie and Zech-our neighbour.
Marius was so kind to the kiddos. Here they are playing Candyland.

JD and Christie travelled in a back up vehicle for Marius who rode all the way on his motorbike.

JD pushing sweet Alli on the swing!

The kids got to help Mr. Marius wash his BMW motorbike.

And then for their hard work he rewarded them each with a spin on his bike.
THANK YOU JD, Christie and Marius for visiting us. You were an encouragement to us and we are excited to hear how the Lord will shape and use you all for His glory.


Lishe said...

did you get to go for a spin on the bike too or did you not help cleaning it ;-)?

Laura said...

Alli's not allowed to be big enough for a swing!

By the Brook said...

No spin for this mama whose kiddos are getting too big too quickly.