Friday, September 17, 2010

Busy at home

We're back into our routine here in Lilongwe and things are starting to get busy. The children have to be at school by 7:10am and so to get them out the door on time is always a bit of a tight squeeze, but no tardy slips yet, whew! That is one of the many advantages of homeschooling- you don't have to drag them out of bed:) Anyway, the older two are enjoying school and Bradley is having better days.
I am enjoying spending time with Benjamin, while Allison takes her two hour morning nap. If Ben could have it his way, I would sit and read to him for the two hours straight...he doesn't get his way:)
Brian is continuing to preach through the book of Acts on Sunday mornings and I thoroughly enjoy listening to him expound the Word.
I have been feeling better and better as the weeks have gone by and am so thankful for that. Also, for those who have asked, my mom is doing well, but we still covet your prayers on her behalf. Pray she would continue to trust the Lord as she deals with her cancer and that He would be glorified in every moment of every day He gives us to live.
Our friends, Matt and Rachel Floreen, who serve alongside us here have returned to Malawi after being in the US to have their first child. Abigail Elizabeth was born on 25th August and is already an international traveller at just three weeks old.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear both your mom and you are feeling well. Hi to all the kids!

aunt lisa

Lorraine said...

Glad for the great report on your mom and you... give Matt and Rachel hugs for us and a little peck on the cheek for Abigail.

Lishe said...

great to read that you and your mom are doing good, God is faithful!
you're all still in our prayers!
Congratz with Ami's birthday, i always remember her birthday now since Ezra was born on that day 2 years ago :D