Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week flown by

Allison giving a hug to Steve. He works in our home.

Tyre swings at the tea garden. And Ben showing off his belly.

Hot months are coming-everything is starting to look dry.

Time for hats and lots of sunscreen.

Digging in the mud, aka flower bed, is so much fun.

Look what I got.

Sitting in the shade.

Drinking a milkshake which was more like chocolate milk :)

Bradley's class performing in chapel.

Ami and her teacher singing a song in chapel.

Bradley, getting so big.


Linda Russell said...

lovely photos! Beautiful children.

Lishe said...

they're growing so fast!!!! last time i saw you ben was a baby still, and look at Alli now walking around,
they're so adorable all of them!