Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Can't believe our big girl is seven. She is a delight and is a helpful big sister. Just this week she has been bathing Allison and washing her hair for me. Ami loves to stay up a little later than the others and have me read to her. Her dad is her hero and she does what she can to please him. Also, you may notice from the pictures that her bed she has just slept in looks rather neat...well that's because she won't get under the covers - she doesn't like to leave her bed a mess in the morning and she doesn't always have time to make it. She is so funny that way. AMI, we love you so very much and pray that you will love, serve and please God all your days.

Our traditional wake up in the morning and presents in bed celebration.


Linda Russell said...

Ami looks so happy in the pool, and oh what a joy to be woken up surrounded by lovely people and pressies. Hope you have a wonderful year of being 7!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Ami! You're not allowed to grow any more until I can get there to give you a hug =).

Lynn said...

Congratulations AMI! What a beautiful girl she is.

We really think you should have stoped by in SA a little bit longer Anita!?

I haven't been looking at your blog much and I am doing catchup today. Love your pictures and stories it is soooo much fun.

Spoke to your mom on Sunday and she said you are all spending Chrismas together. That is wonderful that you guys get to have a family reunion almost. A pitty it is not hear though.

I also added some pictures of our kids birthdays if you want to have a look.

Lots of love and missing you.

Lishe said...

look at all those presents, wow!
she is so big indeed, a precious pretty oldest daughter to be proud of! congratz you all!

Caroline Gill said...

Wow, she is beautiful... hard to believe 7 years have flown by since you and I had our special girls almost at the same time!!! Glad Ami was so well treated on her special day!! Jemma sends lots of love to her. (so do the rest of the Gills).
Happy Birthday, Ami!!