Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dirt and blood?

We made two batches of mulberry popsicles. It looked as though the kids had injured themselves after being done with them. Boiling hot water poured directly onto the stains in their clothing did the job of removing the marks. Not too sure how soon we'll be making those ones again, even though they were voted the best. We visited friends yesterday. They live on a huge plot with lots of dirt and so that's where the kids ended up...I wonder when they'll stop enjoying sand piles and mud?


Lynn said...

Haha! How wonderful that they get to be kids! They will one day have the best skin, with all these mud baths behind them.

Anonymous said...

Oh what great fun with blueberries and mud! Did you add anything to make the blueberry lollies sweeter? My kids the same as yours on Friday night - they went to the alley between our house and Sam's and they dug mud and gravel out the way, added water and put their faces into it! Anything to be like their cuzzies:)

By the Brook said...

Oh Linda, how funny about E and J in the mud. We made them using frozen banana, frozen mulberries not bluberries(we don't get those here)- and liqui fruit- I think breakfast punch flavour.