Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hosting at home

Every Tuesday we host two IBF Church Bible studies (ladies at 9am and family study at 7pm) in our home and we love it! This week we've been hosting 16 students at 8am every day too, for a study on Biblical Love, which they are enjoying with Brian. There are no classes for the students-it's Spiritual Emphasis Week. They also get to hear a guest speaker in the mornings at chapel and in the evenings too. We do thank God for our home and that we are able to serve Him this way by opening it to share with others.

Brian teaches Homiletics to the senior men students only. It 's great to get to know some of the other students too.

We have begun a study on 'The Excellent Wife' by Martha Peace and the ladies are being challenged. We have 14 ladies attending.

We have some sweet baies who join in the study too.

My friend, Rachel Floreen teaches the study and we are so glad she does!


Grant said...

What a great way to serve Christ, by serving others in hospitality in your home. Love the rug on the wall - the spot is perfect :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry that was from me. Lxx

Lorraine said...

We are getting excited about coming and participating in as much of life as we can...

Lishe said...

it is also a great gift you guys have: hospitality!
I would be so interested in that wife's study!
Overhere 99% of the wifes/moms are working :(
Is it too hot to sit outside for the studies? I guess that would be lovely too, under a big tree :D