Thursday, March 3, 2011

Great Expectations

Hard work pays off! The great excavation took two afternoons to complete and by the third day, once the finishing touches were done, the kids were ready to experience their homemade mud-tub. We think their expectations were met! Some concerned neighbours came out to see what the kids were doing, because they had seen them using a Malawian hoe. That was all in order though and dad had said they could use it as long as their toes were not in the way!

Once the tub was filled they climbed in. It was cold and so they added boiling hot water. Yip, a hot mud tub! Next thing you know they are putting their faces in the water. After that they dried out in the sun and were left with a darker shade stained on their bodies.


Carole said...

This is the stuff children are made of - excellent to be outside and doing exciting things and make up games ! It's the best.

Lishe said...

they can start a wellness centre :)