Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back in Malawi

We flew back to Malawi on Monday 19th January and have taken a couple of days to adjust to life back here again. Just driving to our house from the airport opened my eyes again to the poverty in this country. South Africa has so much! I experienced a little culture shock. We have unpacked everything and are slowly getting organized again. We even managed to do two days of school last week. The kids are happy to be in their own home and getting into our routine again is good.
Brian went to try and sort out his Temporary Employment Permit this week and found a tortoise crossing the road. He brought it home for the kids. The tortoise named 'Sammy Biedebach' just stayed the night and has since moved on. The kids were disappointed, but we didn't want to keep him caged in.
Our weeks will get busy from now on. Bible Studies will start up next week and activities will begin to crowd our calendar. We are so thankful for the time away and feel refreshed to start the year serving here at International Bible Fellowship Church.

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