Monday, January 5, 2009

Friends, Fun, Food

We have been able to spend some time with many friends of ours, who we have missed since moving to Malawi. We've also been eating far too much, but it's so hard to resist all the excellent food down here. The prices have gone up, but of course for us, it still seems 'sort of' inexpensive, because we pay double or more for most things. The kids haven't eaten so much ice-cream in all their lives. We don't buy it in Malawi because it costs so much! R75 for 2 litres or $7.50 for a half gallon. Benjamin has never had it until now and even says the word. Bradley, after guzzling down McDonalds' ice-cream, asked pointing to the cone, "Dad, do I also eat this thing?"


Rebekah said...

Hi. You don't know me but I was looking for an old friend named Sharon Biedebach. She was on my team to Ecuador for Teen Missions International in 1989. Are you related, or do you know where I can find her?

Your blog is great. How inspiring! Your kids are beautiful and God has clearly blessed you.

Caroline said...

Hi Anita
We miss you guys already!
Those ice-creams do look yummy!!
(And your snails are definately bigger than ours - WOW!!)
Hope you got home safely & are nicely settled in & back to work again.
Thanks for a great weekend!
Love Caroline for all the Gills.

kissaknee said...

bradley's question is just priceless! =) so glad to see your pregnancy is going well! =)