Monday, January 5, 2009


Ami, Bradley, Benjamin and aunty Judy at the statue of Max the Gorilla.

Enjoying picnic time.

Brian, the kids and I were joined by aunty Judy (she is a dear friend of ours who is just the greatest with kids-she looked after them for two weeks in Malawi while we were in Israel) and Tassie (also known as the kids second ouma and my mom's friend) for an outing to the Jo'burg zoo. We went early in the morning and managed to book one of the buggy golf carts which was a huge help, especially when you have smaller kids and a tired pregnant mom who can't keep up with the walking.

The kids loved the animals and we enjoyed it too. We had a lovely picnic in a grassy area and then headed home with very tired babies ready for naps! Actually, we all needed naps :)

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