Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wedding Bells - January 17th

Brian, my brother Martin and I flew down to Cape Town for four days to attend our friends' (Sybrand and Beth) wedding. The children stayed in Johannesburg. Cape Town is beautiful and a must see for anyone who gets the chance to visit South Africa. I have tried to encourage my folks to retire down there or get my brother to marry a Capetonian, that way we'll have an excuse to visit.
The weather on the day was just perfect! The wedding was God-honouring and a tremendous encouragement to all those who have prayed for these two individuals over the years. Beth, who we first met in the USA in 2001, moved to South Africa in 2005 to work as the Women's Ministry director at our church in Johannesburg. She became a great friend to both of us and was especially a blessing to me. She continually discipled and encouraged me.
About two weeks before the wedding Beth called me to say that there was a possiblity her good friend and bridesmaid from the US would not be able to make it to the wedding, because of her mother being so ill. Beth asked if I would mind being her back-up bridesmaid. "Of course!", I said, although I was disapppointed for Beth that her friend who I have met, was probably not going to make it. Within the next couple of days, I became the official bridesmaid because her friend's mom passed away. The dress which Beth had purchased for her friend needed little adjusting and there was enough room for my growing belly. It was so much fun and I was delighted to help out.
Andrew and Caroline Gill with Beth and Sybrand. The Gills are our dear friends and were most hospitable hosts for the weekend.

Dr. Mack walking Beth down the aisle.

Don't you just love this cake? - It was yummy too.

My brother, Martin and me.

The reception was held at the Mount Nelson Hotel. It was gorgeous.

Brian was the Master of Ceremonies.

L to R: Anita, Katy, Eileen (Beth's friend form the US), Beth, Cambria, Marda and McKenna
The flower girl and junior bridesmaids are Beth's nieces (Marda's daughters).

She looked stunning!

Sybrand and the girls.


Conrad and Jen said...

Thanks for posting pictures of the wedding!!! I have been anxiously waiting to see some! It looks like it was a gorgeous day - I so wish we could have been there. You looked beautiful Anita!! Beth too! When do you head back to Malawi? Or are you already there?

Laura said...

Beth really was a stunning bride... the cake, reception, flowers, bridesmaids are all so beautiful! How fun to see a woman who has waited so long (and patiently it seems - I don't know her well) for the blessing of a husband, to be able to enjoy such an exquisite event. Thanks for the photos! I'm glad you guys had such a good time!

Michael(33) en Lishe(30) Jona(3) en Ezra(0) said...

beautiful pics
she's a stunning bride indeed!