Sunday, April 4, 2010

He is risen!

"He is not here for He has risen, just as He said." Matthew 28:6
Brian preached from Acts 9:20-31 this morning. He entitled his sermon 'The Difference Resurrection Makes'. I love hearing the Word expounded. Such a balm and encouragement for the soul.
Charles Spurgeon said, “The resurrection of our divine Lord is the cornerstone of Christian doctrine. Perhaps I might more accurately call it the keystone of the arch of Christianity, for if that fact could be disproved, the whole fabric of the gospel would fall to the ground.”
After church the kids looked for candy-filled plastic eggs in the backyard. Last week Bradley had prayed, "God, please help us not to love candy." Some people would say, "Poor kids, it's that mother of theirs..." However, in my defense :), it's a good thing that they are learning that too much of most things is bad for you. Today, they probably overdid it.

And no the Springboks weren't playing a game or anything...those were the only matching shirts we could find and since the girls wore the same, the boys just had to, too :)


Lishe said...

if i look at the bags they're holding... they expected to find LOTS of those eggs hahahaha

very nice familypicture!

and AMEN to those words of Spurgeon!

Linda Russell said...

those plastic eggs are great. I hid ours in the house on Sunday morning and the kids had so much fun! They will last for years too which is great! Unfortunately our weather wasn't warm enough for Julia to wear her matching dress.