Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Conference 2010

We're at Mandalay Bay in Oxnard, CA for our biennial missions' conference. We are enjoying spending time with other missionaries who serve all around the world. It's like having a big family reunion. The speakers have been excellent. The facilities are superb and we are being spoiled!
The view from our room.
Hotel swimming pool. Our kids are in there.

The Hardy family band helped to lead times of singing, they're good at it!

Matt and Bied - and this isn't Malawi team wear- they just happened to pick the same outfits :)

Matt and Rachel- still no baby. She is due on Saturday! We eagerly await little Miss Floreen's arrival and then of course their return to Malawi.
There are so many babies at the conference. Makes me miss sweet Alli, who is doing much better! - Thank you for praying for her. Anyway, this is Elizabeth, she has a twin brother. They were born June 17th in an "amazing grace" way. Their mom had some rare condition which can cause the babies to die, but because she just "happened" to mention her itching hands and feet the specialists picked up on it and she delivered two healthy bundles soon after that.

Bradley and Mormor (aka: the ever lovely Dolores Michaelson)

One of the very many special people who make this conference happen.
We LOVE you Stephanie!
Blue skies, green grass and pizza for lunch!

Mama and three of her precious chickadees in the hotel's hot tub.
What a treat!


Lishe said...

look at that pool, palmtrees, beach,...just lovely, enjoy every bit of it! funny the malawian outfits :)

Norma Farmer said...

Thanks for these pics and the updates, lovely to see your family growing. Great to hear about all your doings, just helps to make you seem not so far away.

Love from us both.
PS you are looking good Anita, hope you are feeling much better. No mention of you health.