Monday, August 30, 2010

First day

Brad's first day of school went really well. He just walked straight into his class and said "hi" as if he'd been there for years! The next day however, he said "Dad, do I have to go to school every day?" Then he asked if he could be homeschooled rather. We have now started to pray particulary for his school day, that he would enjoy it and learn much.

Bradley is in reception and his teacher is from San Diego, CA. His TA is from Malawi. Ami is in grade one and her teacher is from London, her TA is also Malawian. We are thankful for these folk who give so much of their time to help make going to school so much fun here in Lilongwe.


Lishe said...

look how smart there are in their uniforms!

Linda Russell said...

well done Brad! Hope you get used to it and settle in soon.