Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our cousins can party!

Brian's step-sister's son, Andrew, had his 4th birthday in Big Bear with us. He only speaks Russian and so it was so neat to see Bradley playing and trying to communicate with him. They had such fun together. Grandpa Mark had his camera out! Bied and Sharon (in the pics) look like they're Andrew's parents :)

The birthday table. Ami, Sasha, Anna, Bradley, Andrew, Breanna and Ben.

We also took a trip to Lake Arrowhead and went and found the old cabin that the Biedebachs owned in the 70s and 80s. Actually, the cabin burned down in 2003. We did find part of the foundation. There has been quite a bit of development over the years but it was neat for us to see where the Biedebachs used to sled and ski when they were younger.

We found this store in the town and wondered what Malawians would think of a bakery just for DOGS!

The ducks gathering and waiting for food.

The kids loved feeding the ducks. Stores along the walkway sold special duck food at 50c a bag.
Lake Arrowhead.

Breanna and Ami get on so well together!


Lishe said...

a bakery for dogs??? Not only Malawians might find that 'snaaks', we belgians are shocked too haha
no...not really overhere you see old ladies walking their small dogs around in prams.... :S

looks like a lovely birthdayparty!

Linda Russell said...

Ohh Anita everything looks so lovely over there! We miss chatting to you guys on Skype. Ethan said 'I only chat to Aunty Anita because I know her'. He isn't keen to Skype with anyone else :) Looks like you guys are having a fabulous time.