Sunday, August 15, 2010

Note to self

When doing the laundry make sure you check ALL the pockets thoroughly! Including your own-you'd think after all these years of doing laundry I'd be a pro? Do you ever become a pro- I wonder?
I was so upset - my Christmas gift (camera) from my husband ended up in the washing machine. I did get it out before it went through the actual wash and spin cycle. So sad! Brian was out when it happened. I didn't know what to do so I tried to dry it with a hairdryer...but to no avail. My camera is dead.


Caroline Gill said...

LOL!!!Oh you poor dear... don't worry, I've laundered Andrew's id book and my wedding ring over the last few years.... thank goodness the new machines have very small holes in the drum, so nothing got lost in the sewer lines!!! (My wedding ring made it all the way to the tumble drier!!) I know just how you feel... no going pro...there will always be something that sneaks into those pockets!!

Nate and Jenny Leboffe said...

Oh no! So sorry. I washed a USB key AND my electronic car key this week. Thankfully my car key still works. Bad week for electronics. Hopefully we can stick to benign objects like small change and bobby pins from now on.

Deb said...

if you ever happen to wash an electronic gadget again put it in a bowl of rice for 2 days. Don't try to turn it on and don't blow dry it. Rice does the trick most of the time :)

Lishe said...

that must have been a very small camera i guess? :p
but i read you already got a new one from dear hubby haha ;)
i heard from a friend who on purpose washes the paymobile of the kids in the machine, seems to work well (in a pillow cover or something...)